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Achieve the highest scores you're capable of in the least amount of time -  so that you can get into your "Dream College" and maximize your odds at winning fat, juicy scholarships!


Imagine - No Stress, Confusion or Worries About The ACT or SAT!

Teens today face INSANE amounts of pressure and stress that we parents never had to!  

Our kids are loaded up with ridiculous amounts of AP and other advanced classes, crazy clubs and other extra-curricular activities that all conspire to eliminate sleep  - even lunch breaks - from their schedules...

...not to mention relentless pressure from teachers, peers, parents and incessant marketing from colleges!

But it doesn't have to be this way...

6 "Dirty Little Secrets" The Big Test Preparation Companies Don't Want You To Know

Here are six shocking facts about the tutoring business that you need to know - if you want to be an educated consumer...

...and avoid getting ripped off or succumbing to pressure tactics and making a hasty choice that you'll regret for years!

  1. Kids who take the ACT or SAT five times do NOT score better than those who take it two or three times
  2. There is no correlation between excessively high-priced tutoring and  students' performance
  3. It's common practice for tutoring companies to brag about their score increases - but they neglect to tell you how they "game" their results by giving artificially difficult "Diagnostic Tests" that kids invariably crash and burn on. Then, when they take "real" tests, Presto!  Higher scores!
  4. If a student is diligent and focuses on preparing for the ACT/SAT, he does not need two years of tutoring six nights a week... although of course it's in the financial interests of the "Big Box" test prep. companies to tell you otherwise!
  5. Instructors at the biggest test prep. franchises are generally woefully underqualified - some are hired over the phone!  The most revealing fact is that tutors at these companies are among the lowest paid in the business.  
  6. The most talented, effective tutors almost always leave these giant firms because they disagree with their strict, packaged teaching methodology and because their talents are worth much more than the corporations are willing to pay!

Enroll in our one-one-one tutoring or small group classes and you will discover:

  • How to manage the time constraints of the ACT and SAT so that you can perform your best
  • How to eliminate deadly mistakes that can crush your score and dash hopes of getting into your "Dream College"
  • How to use process of elimination to boost your speed AND scores!
  • How to maximize what you already know
  • How to cope with "Game Day" pressure and R-E-L-A-X
  • How to recognize and avoid "landmines" lurking on the tests that fool 90% + of unsuspecting students
  • How to understand what the questions are REALLY asking...and what they're NOT asking
  • How to set realistic target scores - and achieve them!
  • How to quickly and easily get into "The Zone" where you effortlessly perform at your highest capacity
  • More!

Book a complimentary "Test Prep Strategy Session"

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WARNING - Our approach is different than other "cookie-cutter" options

We're the only firm that takes a unified, holistic approach to ACT and SAT Test Prep.

Our tutors are highly trained educators and the best around, carefully selected to help our students achieve their absolute maximum scores in the least amount of time possible, but...

Testing is only ONE PIECE of the college planning puzzle.

The rest of the story includes:

  • Financial aid and scholarships
  • College selection for "best fit" and help achieving success post-college
  • Applications and essays
  • Majors and career exploration

Think about it - what good will it do you to kick butt on the ACT or SAT if you have no clue how to choose a college, how to "position" yourself so that admissions officers want YOU compared to the other 5,000 competitor-applicants with the same credentials, how to win scholarships or qualify for financial aid, and no idea where to start in general?

We were founded by college financial aid, scholarships and admissions consultants who believe in "College Return On Investment," meaning getting something more out of college than what you put in!

Put another way - this process is about the "Next 40 - not four" years of your children's lives!

The only shot you have at achieving College ROI is with an intregrated, STRATEGIC approach.

Who should NOT work with us (Caution: blunt language)

In the spirit of transparent, full disclosure, permit us to describe the types of families we do NOT work well with:

  • Entitled teens
  • "Helicoptering," high maintenance parents who don't trust their kids or our process
  • Parents who blame others when their kids come up short instead of considering that results are significantly based on kids' efforts
  • Kids who are unmotivated or unwilling to put the work in (yes,  "WORK" is required!) to improve their scores and get into the best colleges they're capable of

There are plenty of other "better fit" test prep. options available if you fall into any of these categories.  We would be happy to recommend them if appropriate.

Why so harsh?  Our answers may surprise you

We're choosy about whom we select as clients for two main reasons:

  1. Life is too short.  We put our heart and soul into providing the most value possible for our clients, it sucks the life out of us to spend time with unappreciative kids and parents.
  2. The big picture. This process is about putting on the "Big Boy Pants," growing up into an independent, PRODUCTIVE adult who will be positioned for success post-college. 

Look, we get it. As parents ourselves, we understand the impulse to protect and indulge our kids...

...However, in almost EVERY case, this turns out to be a disservice, stunting our children's growth and fostering a dependency that is is almost impossible to shed!

So that's why we expect our students to do the "little things" like show up on time for sessions, do their work and take ownership of the process!

This is yet ANOTHER reason why we are different than all of the other indistinguishable, cookie-cutter, same-old, same-old websites and tutoring options out there...

...and the main reason why we say, over and over, that we're not right for everybody!

Your Next Step

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