Rent Andy's Brain!

Dear Fellow Parent,

Guidance counselor not quite cutting it? 

Do you have severe misgivings about being able to afford college (i.e. thoughts like, What orafice do they expect me to pull this money out of?)

Are you breaking out in a cold sweat over whether your kid can get in anywhere?

Wouldn't it be great if you had someone in your corner who was:

  • A leading expert on financial aid, scholarships, and college admissions?

  • Focused on what your child will get out of college as well as how he'll get into college?

  • A "marketing guy" who understands that college is a business and your kid is a commodity in the eyes of admissions officers (but don't know what to do about it)?

  • 100% independent and agenda-free about where your child goes to college and able to put your interests first?

  • Not a financial advisor who offers opinons on investments and receives commissions?

  • Not going to recommend the same 20 colleges your guidance counselor recommended to the last 10 kids she met with?

If you said "yes" to any of these questions, you owe it yourself to keep reading

Each and every month, I talk to dozens of frustrated, stressed out parents, who toss and turn at night wondering how they'll possibly be able to afford to send their children to their "dream colleges...."

...and how on God's green earth they'll manage to get in!

Introducing....The "Rent Andy's Brain" No Frills Short Term Coaching Service

(a/k/a "Rent A Friend")

RAB is is a monthly, economical way to pick my brain about anything you want. I thought about calling it "The Voice Of Reason" service, but was nervous that people wouldn't get that I was joking.

Actually, half-joking.  

Think of RAB as a confidential sounding board for any of your deepest college concerns, stresses or fears. 

No, it's not therapy (I am soooooo unsuited for that!).

It's a way for you, the parent, to clear away the clutter you're being inundated with from other parents, college marketing, your guidance counselor, Facebook, wherever.  

In most cases, I believe families do NOT need more information, they need a clear path.  

That's where I come in

You're signing up to receive my advice. My job is to give you the best advice I'm capable of giving, whether or not you want to hear it.

I may not always sugar coat things, but I guarantee you that I will ALWAYS be clear and candid with you, and put your interests first.

Here's how it works

  • You (parent, child or both) get up to three (3) 25 minute calls per month (no "rollover" minutes! :)

  • You (still parent, child or both) receive unlimited email support

  • You can use our time to discuss your questions about getting into college, your college list, scholarships, essays, interviews, choosing a major...anything you want

  • To be clear:  this is a not a "done for you" or "done with you" service, i.e. no forms will be prepared, no heavy essay editing is included (those are separate services).  I will give you the best advice I can, but it is up to you to implement it!

  • The fee is currently $597 per month, paid in advance, billed automatically to your credit card.

  • You can cancel our relationship any time you like and we'll still be friends, even if you're no longer renting me! No weird termination or notice required.

This small investment can, quite literally, save you thousands...

Not to mention the unquantifiable relief from stomach-churning, toss-all-night stress that's part and parcel of the college process!

Sign up today - feel better immediately!

-Andy "Your New Best Friend Lockwood

P.S.  After you enroll, you'll be whisked over to a thank you page that will walk you through next steps, including booking a time to chat on my client calendar.  

P.S. Questions?  Call 516 882 5464 or email [email protected]

Rent Andy's Brain

Month-to-month consulting. Pick Andy's brain on all things college:  choosing colleges, brainstorming essays, financial aid strategies, any and all college-related questions.  Up to three (3) 25 minute calls each month, plus unlimited email support. Cancel anytime.

$597.00 USD per month