How to Pivot and Relaunch Yourself Into a Zero-to-Low Overhead, High Fee, "Exploding" Field


Finally!  A real-world, tested and proven step-by-step system for jumping into what the media calls an “explosively growing” industry - college advising!

Discover how a mild-mannered college advisor generated 421 pre-qualified, highly-motivated leads last year...and how you can too

Hosted by Andy Lockwood, best-selling author and internationally renowned college advisor









Discover How To...

Help families qualify for financial aid and scholarships during these turbulent times, and help them multiply odds of admission into their "Dream Colleges"

Discover How To...

Help families negotiate with colleges to get more above and beyond a "low ball" financial aid and merit aid offer

Discover How To...

Do well by "doing good" -- your clients will think you walk on water and refer you like crazy to other high-quality, motivated families

Create a Flood of High Quality, Motivated Families Who Chase YOU...Not the Other Way Around

Revealed! A simple three-part system to tap into an evergreen niche market of 3.7 Million new prospects each year, and create a predictable, reliable stream of middle class and upper middle class prospects who DESPERATELY need the help they're not getting from their financial advisors, CPAs or even high school guidance counselors...but you'll be able to provide!

In this 60 minute training, college advisor, best-selling author and direct marketing expert Andrew Lockwood, J.D. will show you how to launch yourself in the "exploding" field of college advising, for AT LEAST 50% less than what you'd fork over for a franchise... a sustainable, reliable, steady stream of high quality leads seemingly on demand, the LIFEBLOOD of every business...

...and, like a knight in shining armor, ride to the rescue of confused and stressed out families who have nowhere to turn, and save the day!

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