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Don't Overpay for College

Tens of thousands of parents self-sabotage each year by screwing up their financial aid applications, blowing deadlines, filing the wrong forms and committing a boatload of other deadly, money-losing mistakes...

Mistakes that can, quite literally, make the difference between comfortably affording to send your child to the Dream College she deserves - versus having to break their hearts and confess, "Sorry, I just can't swing it, I didn't do MY part."

When you say YES to our Financial Aid Warrior forms prep and consulting service, you'll get every last dollar you deserve because you'll have true experts in your corner.  

More importantly, you'll say goodbye and good riddance to worry, stress and confusion about what to file, what to disclose, what NOT to disclose, your FSA ID, deadlines and other obstacles the government and the high-priced, rip-off colleges put in between you and their money that you deserve!  Here's what you get when you enroll:

Accurate, timely and STRATEGIC preparation of your FAFSA, CSS Profile and any/all supplemental forms

Unlimited support - all questions answered

We manage all responses and requests for further information from each college

Assistance negotiating/appealing

Student loan counseling and paperwork

Monthly, client-only workshops and reminders about what you should be doing, now, so you don't blow any deadlines or opportunities


With us in your corner, you'll never have to worry about blowing deadlines, checking the wrong box, revealing information you don't need to disclose or overlooking a strategy to qualify for more money.

Because we'll prepare your forms correctly and before deadline, you will get every last dollar you deserve...and need...to comfortably afford the college your child deserves to attend!

If you were to look at our website, you'd see that our forms prep service is regularly 2,495 + 47 per month...

...If you act now, you can enroll for a piddly fraction, only if you sign up for the College Essay Lab:

Only 67/month

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College Essay Lab

Insider college essay advice, brainstorming and editing to help your son or daughter stand out from thousands of competitors with the same grades and test scores

How will your child answer the question, "Why should we take YOU instead of these 20,000, 50,000 or even 90,000 competitor-applicants"

Here's what you'll get when you say "yes" to the College Essay Lab:

  • 60-90 Minute "Deep Dive" meeting to strategize, brainstorm, review your college list and identify any financial aid and/or merit aid strategies & opportunities
  • Up to three rounds of edits/calls with former admissions officers from elite colleges on your Common App essay
  • Strategy, edits for supplemental essays for up to five (5) colleges
  • BONUS:  access to our "Incomparable Applicant Master Class" on-demand training on the Common Application essay, supplemental essays, college interviews, sample college essays that worked, more!

Limited to 12 students only, first come, first served.