The College Success For Less Toolkit

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After going through our training, you will:

1. Have a clear path and the confidence that accompanies it, because you will have an effective - STRATEGIC - easy-to-implement game plan to identify and create a balanced list of best fit colleges that will help prepare you for success after college

2. Know exactly what a winning college essay should look like and what traps to avoid

3. Understand precisely what admissions officers want to see from top candidates, including the applications, letters of recommendations and intangible qualities beyond grades and standardized test scores

4. Be prepared to shine in college interviews because you will have anticipated the questions they'll ask you...and you'll be armed with questions you will ask your interviewer that signal you're a candidate to be reckoned with

5. Have monthly opportunities to get your personal questions answered live or via email

6. Discover overlooked "gem" colleges that 99% of guidance counselors will never even breathe a hint to you that you should consider. (Note: there are approximately 4,200 colleges in the US, a stunning fact when you realize that kids at any given high school apply to the same 30.)

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The College Success For Less Toolkit $997.00 USD
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Due Now $997.00 USD