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Would you rather have a nice, relaxed summer or spend it threatening and screaming at your kid to complete their college applications?  Our College Applications & Essays Bootcamp gets your kid to  away from their Snapchat, Finsta and other distractions to crank out shining, perfect applications and essays BEFORE they get back to school in the Fall

Summer College Application "Blues"

Each and every summer, parents of rising high school seniors complain about how sick and tired they are of the stress, pressure and fighting with their kids over the college essays and applications that they'd been putting off since the beginning of summer!

No matter how fervently your teen promises you that he'll get it all done, inevitably, like day follows night, it's going to happen.

Summer will fly by, NOTHING will have happened...

...except you'll be 10 times more angry and frustrated  - at your kid AND yourself for giving him the benefit of the doubt!

You know that summer is the perfect time to do what has to be done. 

Once school starts up in the Fall, your kiddo will be busy with schoolwork, sports, clubs and other extracurricular activities, not to mention social and family obligations.

To layer the college applications ON TOP of this is a one-way ticket to Disasterville! 

So you'd better do everything humanly possible to avoid it!

But there's one, little problem:

Those college applications and essays won't write themselves!

College Application Help

If you have a sinking feeling in your stomach that I just described your reality, I want you to know that it's not your fault, and that you have PLENTY of company...

...and that we can help!

We're holding our third annual series of College Success For Less Implementation Bootcamps  to take this mess off your plate!

Registration is now open for the July 15th, one-day bootcamp.


Imagine the calm Zen-like peace of mind...

...that you'll instantly achieve when you turn over to us your procrastinating, time-strapped kid.

Now, almost like magic, and without you hovering over them, your son or daughter will get their applications done quickly and easily, without hassle...

...their essays written, proofread and flowing smoothly and naturally across the page... that they practically grab your admissions officers by the scruff of their necks, and shout "YES!  I AM THE ONE YOU'RE LOOKING FOR!"

And, best of all, YOU won't need to lift a finger or argue with your kid one iota!

Sound like a "fantasy" land or island that only Mr. Roarke and Tatoo know how to find?

It's not!

Here's "de plane!" truth...

This is exactly what happens at our College Success For Less Bootcamps, in our NEW office in Glenwood Landing (which happens to be on the water, but slightly less tropical).

You'll drop your kid off in the morning, then pick him up after he's PRODUCED winning applications and essays!

Here's what you'll get when you say YES to The College Success For Less Implementation Bootcamp:

Bootcampers Will Accomplish The Following:

Polished Essays

At the Bootcamp, students will write, edit and rewrite their Common Application essay and supplemental essays until their fingers bleed and they puke from exhaustion!  OK, not really, but they will draft and polish their essays under our supervision.

Superb Applications

Students will complete the Common Application, Coalition Application and any and all other requirements on their college lists.  They will be proofread and demonstrate that they are a college applicant to be reckoned with. 

Activity Sheet That Sings

Students will learn how to craft a college activity sheet and resume that stands out like a diamond at a coal convention!  The college essay is NOT an English paper, it's more of a marketing exercise.  

Our coaching clients have been admitted to:

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