Not Getting What You Need From Your Guidance Counselor, CPA or "Financial Guy?"

Finally! Get the REALISTIC and candid answers you need to formulate a winning college plan to get into - and afford - your child's "Dream Colleges!"

Dear Fellow Parent,

Guidance counselor not quite cutting it? 

No idea what the "Blank" (heck) you should be doing, or when?

Do you have severe misgivings about being able to afford college (i.e. thoughts like, What orifice do they expect me to pull this money out of?)

Are you breaking out in a cold sweat over whether your kid can get in anywhere?

What about ACT/SAT, extra-curricular activities, volunteering, clubs, college visits, interviews, essays...(pant, pant)?

For parents, the real question is...

Are We Doing The Right Things For My Child To Get Into The Best College At The Right Price - Or Are We Missing Something?

If you had the answer to THAT, then you'd never feel stressed, confused or frustrated!

You'd wake up rested and energized every day, having slept like a baby because you were confident that you and your child were on the right path!

I spend most of my days giving direction to people in pursuit of "College Success - For Less." The specifics result in all shapes and sizes of colleges, from Harvard, Yale, MIT and other uber-competitive schools to "regular" and community colleges.

But the process of seeing how to weave together strengths, a child's "wiring," desires, unique factors, resources and actions is always the same.

That's what I do!


It's Never "One Size Fits All"

Sometimes we focus on creating standout extra-curricular activities.

Sometimes we hone in on the college list.

Sometimes we focus on majors and careers.

Sometimes our focus is on classes to take in high school or extracurricular activities.

Want an opinion on a draft of a college essay?  That's covered too.

Anything and everything (college-related, please!) is covered, there are no boundries or hidden agendas.

The result is that I help kids become clearer about who they are and what they want... to maximize their strengths and triple their odds of admission to their "Dream Colleges..."

...and how to create a college plan that is affordable for mom and dad...and helps pay off for the child, POST-college!

"The Cornell rep said that this was an incredibly competitive year and that we had exceptional applications and that we should be particularly proud. Guess who made all this possible? We are so grateful to you. So much of the application was based on your sound advice. Thanks again!"

Julie Pareles
Mother of two

"Many college planners just take clients' money but the kids get in where they would have otherwise. In your case, I saw real results. Many parents that I've referred have thanked me for giving them your name."

Dr. Dennis O'Hara
Superintendent, Hauppauge School District

"Thank you with all your help throughout this process, esp. the applications and essays!"

Victorien Jakobsen

Just Imagine How GREAT You'd Feel If You Had, In Your Corner:

The leading experts on financial aid, scholarships, college admissions and success - post-college?

Someone focused on what your child will get OUT OF college, as well as how he'll get into college?

A financial aid expert who knows all the loopholes and mistakes to avoid, who files more than 300 financial aid applications each year?

A "marketing guy" who understands that college is a business and your kid is a commodity in the eyes of admissions officers (how to distinguish him/her from 5,000 other kids with the same academic credentials)?

A 100% independent and agenda-free expert to use as a sounding board about where your child goes to college, who is able to put YOUR interests first? (Guidance counselors sometimes have their own agendas thrust upon them by the administration.)

Someone who is NOT a financial advisor who offers opinons on investments and receives commissions when he sells you stuff?

An insider who does not recommend the same 20 colleges your guidance counselor suggested to the last 10 kids she met with?

Someone with a sense of humor that will help you say "goodbye and good riddance" to the stress and emotional roller coaster that dominates the parent-teen relationship during the pre-college years!

Here's how it works

Until now, I haven't had a systematic way of serving a lot of people with this kind of focus. True, I've been able to do it with private clients and members of my coaching programs. but those high-priced options aren't a practical solution for most people.

Now, you can "Rent My Brain" as long as you need it!

The College Success For Less Advisory Program is designed to serve anyone who is truly serious about building a winning college game plan to maximize their chances of getting into a top college at an even better price!

Here's the scoop:

  • You may submit up to 5 College Planning Status Worksheets to me each month (not just one question per sheet, the worksheet allows for multiple questions).  You will find that the clarity you achieve just from organizing your thoughts this way will make you feel better instantly!
  • I will send you an recorded audio of my reply (M-F) in a downloadable, MP3 or video format. (I'll rope in Pearl for FAFSA and other financial aid questions in her wheelhouse if I need to.)
  • You can ask about any challenges or obstacles you're experiencing, standard topics include getting into college, including extra-curricular activities, visits, developing a college list, financial aid, scholarships, essays, interviews, choosing a major...anything you want!
  • The membership investment is only $99 per month, billed automatically and cancelable whenever you want.
  • You get "Bonus Access" to our monthly, cilent-only VIP Q&A "What you should be doing NOW" online workshops, so you're NEVER blindsided and miss out on a key deadline or opportunity! Value: $564 (but it's hard to put a number on the decrease in stress and uncertainty you'll feel immediately! :)
  • Bonus #2 - Financial Aid Forms Prep.  If you are in good standing at the time of filing (October and later) we will prepare your FAFSA, CSS Profile, other financial aid forms AND help you negotiate your offers once received!  (You must be an Advisory member for a minimum of six months and be in good standing at the time of filing to qualify for this bonus.)  All we ask is that you let us know whether you want us to do this at least five days before any priority deadline!

You can cancel your membership any time and we'll still be friends. No weird termination or notice required.

I have no idea how many families I can take on, so I reserve the right to terminate this offer, without notice, if I'm freaking out about how many people signed up! :)

The College Success Advisory

Perfect for parents just "dipping their toes" in the college waters - sign up today to get ALL of your personal college questions answered...and get on the right track to "College Success - Without The Stress!"

This small investment can - quite literally - save you thousands...

Not to mention the unquantifiable relief from stomach-churning, toss-all-night stress that's part and parcel of the college process!

One bit of advice - about scholarships, what colleges to apply to, a strategic extra-curricular activity - can pay off a MULTIPLE of the membership investment, many years over!

Our kids are facing incredibly long odds when they graduate - crushing student debt, eductions that, quite frankly, employers deem USELESS and jobs that don't require a college degree...

The College Success For Less Advisory Program will give them  - and you - the edge you need...

...and deserve!

Sign up today - feel better immediately!

-Andy "Your New Best Friend" Lockwood

P.S.  After you enroll, you'll be whisked over to a thank you page that will walk you through next steps!  

P.S. Questions?  Call 516 882 5464 or email [email protected]

Today's The Day To Create Your College Plan!

No more procrastination, quit waiting for help from your guidance counselor that's never going to come! Stop worrying and feeling overwhelmed, enroll in The Incomparable Applicant Advisory membership today!