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How To Create a Balanced, Strategic List of Colleges That Roll Out the Red Carpet To Admit Your Kid

Don't leave something as critically important as your chid's college admissions chances up to a misleading, outdated tool or a less than stellar guidance counselor! This amazing, easy-to-use program provides a realistic assessment of your odds of getting into your "Dream College" - and getting a boatload of fat, juicy scholarships!

Nothing against Naviance™ , but it can mess you up, "Big League," if you're not careful!

What do I mean?  

It's inherently misleading, which can lead to a false sense of security about which colleges your child will be admtted to.

Consider the following:

  • Naviance factors in grades and standardized test scores...BUT academic credentials "count" approximately 60% of the admissions equation.  In other words, Naviance ignores 40% of the factors going into the decision to admit or deny!
  • Naviance looks at your (your kid's) chances compared to other kids from your high school who were admitted into each college...BUT you're not competing with kids from your school, you're up against competitor-applicants from all over the world!  Naviance's predictions are based on a tiny, practically meaningless data sample!

Princeton, we have a problem

Parents and kids who rely heavily on Naviance or their guidance counselor to create a college list often end up shocked and disappointed when their "Target" colleges deny or defer them.

Can you imagine how awful it would feel to be told "NO" by 5, 8, 10 or more colleges that you "deserved" to get into?

Even worse, what if you had spent hours, days and weeks on visits, interviews, applications, multiple essays and endless standardized testing, with nothing to show for it other than being relegated to attending your last choice college...

...while your friends get into their Dream Schools?

"Crushing" doesn't even begin to scratch the surface!

There's a better way!

Our "College Planning Guru" software was designed by Don Betterton, a long-time (30+ years) admissions committee member and Director of Financial Aid at Princeton University, along with two of his Princeton students.

I won't lie:  when I speak to Mr. Betterton, I feel like I'm talking to the Burning Bush!

This easy-to use, intuitive and valuable software considers practically ALL of the elements that go into the admissions decision. There are 20-25, including grades and stadardized test scores (Naviance ignores 18-23 of them!).

What this means for you

When you use our proprietary, intuitive software, you will:
  • Get a realistic idea of your odds of admission to the colleges on your list so that you can avoid "Admissions Armageddon" (denied by all of your colleges)
  • Create a balanced and strategic list of schools
  • Discover how to improve your odds of admission by increasing extracurricular activities, volunteer hours, etc. (more factors that Naviance ignores!)
  • Handicap your chances of receiving merit scholarships from your colleges
  • Calculate your eligibility for need-based aid from your colleges
  • Feel comfortable and confident that you'll get into most of your colleges!

The investment

For a limited time you can get access to this "secret" tool that is not available to the public.  Try searching for it, I'll wait :)  (It's currently being offered for as much as $997 on another private college planner's website.)

The investment is normally $497 and $97 per month..

You can get "in," today, for only $97 per month! 

By the way, you can cancel any time, it's not a cell phone contract or gym membership!

Look, if you get just one measly scholarship because you used this tool, you'd make 5-10 times your investment!  It's the Mother Of All No-Brainers!

You've come this far with your teen - years of practices, games, tournaments, rehearsals, tutoring, you name it...

Now, you're in the home stretch - give your deserving son or daughter the edge they deserve!

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"Early Action" Bonuses

I know it felt like I was done already, but I've got some more reasons to get you off the fence and make this deal a total no-brainer.

If you enroll before we shut down this offer, you'll qualify for the following valuable, "Early Action" bonuses:

  1. Bonus One:  Access to our monthly client-only online workshops, where Pearl and I cover "What You Need To Be Doing Now" so that you never blow a deadline or miss out on a valuable opportunity.  Plus, you can get extra personal coaching at these workshops - just fire away your "Burning Questions" about financial aid, scholarships, applications, essays, you name it!
  2. Bonus 2. Free review/critique  of your college essay draft.  I will personally analyze and offer specific suggestions about how to improve your college essay so that it practically sings to your admissions officers!
  3. Bonus 3. Discounted invitations to our small-group College Essays & Implementation Bootcamps. Our rule here at Lockwood College Prep is that our clients come first, so you will get first dibs, and a generous discount, at our summer small group (15-18, max) college bootcamps.
  4. Bonus Quattro: Discounted FAFSA and other financial aid forms prep. To repeat:  our clients come first, which means that you'll receive a special offer to have us prepare your forms at a nice, courtesy discount!

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