Finally! A Step-By-Step, REALISTIC College Game Plan To Multiply Your Child's Odds Of Admission To Her "Dream Colleges" And Qualify For Thousands In Financial Aid & Scholarships

Let's chat about your "College Success Plan!"



For families dipping their toes in the college waters

Conference call - invite anyone you'd like to participate: child, spouse, ex-spouse, guy at the deli

Fire away any and all questions you have, Andy will answer them and advise you on the best strategies for getting into college and paying for college based on his 17+ years of experience

Even one suggestion can, literally, "make" in terms of strategies to qualify for thousands - or tens of thousands - in college funds!

Fee applied to future services, if any

100% satisfaction guarantee




For families who want a game plan for getting into college and paying

Your family will receive a written, actionable College Success Plan detailing specific recommendations regarding: 

  • A strategic, balanced list of "Best Fit" colleges that your child can get into
  • Financial aid and scholarship eligibility and suggestions to optimize the amount of college funding you will receive

How it works: Part I

Andy will personally analyze your child's transcript, extra curricular activities and other student information, as well as your most recent tax returns and other financial information needed to produce your College Success Plan.

How it works: Part II

After the meeting you will have a comprehensive follow up call with one of our team of former admissions officers to make specific "insider" recommendations relating to your college list. 

How it works: Part III

A few days later you will receive your written College Success Plan detailing

  1. College list recommendations
  2. "Positioning" strategies to optimize chances of admission, and
  3. How to obtain need-based aid and/or merit scholarships.

The College Success Plan is a standalone document that you can use to implement the recommended strategies on your own if you choose. 



By application only.

If you're ready to invest in personalized, one-on-one coaching and mentoring, submit an application, and we will call to schedule an obligation-free, casual interview so that we can explore whether we'd be a good fit for each other.  

Subject to availability. Please allow up to seven (7) business days for response.