Strategic Scholarship Consulting

Websites like Cappex, Fastweb and apps like Scholly are reputed to be helpful, but do you know anyone who ACTUALLY received scholarships from using them?

Why spend your days, weeks and months searching scholarships, only to become more frustrated and annoyed when you come up empty?

Scholarships websites are a collective bunch of rabbit holes that take hours, weeks and months to climb out of.  The only thing they produce is frustration and more stress than you're already feeling!

I'm a parent of college-bound teens too.  I'm guessing that you don't need more stress, I sure don't! :)

Where do you turn for scholarships?

The best ones are local, because they typically do not show up on scholarship search engines.

Community organizations - Chambers Of Commerce, Kiwanis, Lions Club, VFW, Rotary, local banks and other institutions give away scholarships ranging from $500, at the low end, to several thousand.

They're frequently overlooked because they won't show up on a smart phone or X Box.  

But that's exactly where your opportunity lies.

We've partnered with one of the leading Scholarship Strategists in the country to personally walk you through the ins and outs of the search, essay writing and everything else needed to qualify for scholarships ranging from $500 to tens of thousands of dollars.  

And, here's the crazy part - it's guaranteed!


If, within 60 days after you provide us our completed Scholarship Search Questionnaire, we cannot present you with at least five (5) scholarships, minimum value $500 each ($2,500 total), that you are eligible for, we will immediately and cheerfully give you back every last penny you invested in our service. No hassles, no hard feelings.

Simply put:  there is zero risk to you.  Zilch, nada.

There's no reason NOT to test out our service, make us put our money where our mouth is! :) 

If you want to quickly and easily identify thousands of dollars worth of scholarships that you're actually eligible for, and save weeks or months of time and frustration...

...and want the inside scoop on exactly what scholarship judges and organizations are looking for, our Strategic Scholarship Consulting service is for you!

These scholarships are lonely - they're looking for a nice family whose pockets they can line! Don't let them down!

Enroll today!


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