College Success For Less Implementation BOOTCAMP!

Your Kid = OUR "Project"

Sick and tired of the stress, pressure and fighting with your worthless and weak teen over the college essays and applications that he's been putting off since the beginning of summer?

Now it's the end of November, and those college applications and essays won't file and write themselves! 

If that's you, I want you to know that you have PLENTY of company...

...and that we can help!

We're holding our fourth and final College Success For Less Implementation Bootcamp of the year to help you get out from behind the Eight Ball.

Imagine how great you'd feel if your procrastinating, time-strapped kid could get his or her applications done quickly and easily, without hassle...

...their essays written, proofread and flowing smoothly and naturally across the page... that they practically grab your admissions officers by the scruff of their necks, and shout "YES!  I AM THE ONE YOU'RE LOOKING FOR!"

And, best of all, what if YOU didn't have to lift a finger or argue with your kid one iota?

Sound like a "fantasy" land or island that only Mr. Roarke and Tatoo know how to find?

It's not!

Here's "de plane!" truth...

There is a better way - our College Success For Less Bootcamp, Sunday (November 26th) 9am-2pm, live, in our NEW office in Glenwood Landing!

Here's what you'll get when you say YES to The College Success For Less Implementation Bootcamp:

  • The Essay:  We will personally brainstorm, review and edit your Common Application Essay so it gleams like a diamond at a coal convention when his grades and scores are the same as 5,000 other competitors

  • The Common Application: Personalized, one-on-one coaching through the entire Common Application, including the baffling, critically important, dreaded "Activities" section that can make or break your chances of admission

  • Scholarships:  Group, interactive instruction on where to search for scholarships and maximize chances of winning

  • Someone other than you to hold your kid accountable and on task!

  • Peace of mind and confidence that YOU are no longer begging and pleading with your kid to get his, ahem, "stuff" done already!  He - or she - is our problem now!

But this is NOT just a one-day event

The College Success For Less Bootcamp includes coaching and support BEFORE and AFTER the event so you are certain to IMPLEMENT our advice!

Immediately upon enrollment, you will receive access to our members only password protected website that houses hours of recordings, broken down into five modules, so that you can, on YOUR time, review instruction on 

  • The Common Application essay

  • Supplemental essays

  • How to win scholarships

  • College visits

  • College Interviews

  • How to choose a major and college that will actually pay!

  • More!

Some kids watch them over and over, they are packed with information!

Pre-Bootcamp Live Trainings

You'll be invited to our live, client-only interactive "Fast Start" webinar where we go through the bootcamp, break down all components of the college application process and answer client questions! (Recorded if you can't make it.)

This will help you get a leg up on your essays and applications before the live event.

Post-Bootcamp Implementation

AFTER we wrap on Sunday, you will get up to three (3) follow up/accountability calls by Andy, personally, to make sure that all loose ends are tied up and everything's taken care of!

IF YOU HAVE more essays beyond the Common App and supplemental essays we covered on Sunday,  you have the option of working  - at a discount - with one of our essay specialists -former admissions officers at elite colleges- who each reviewed 1,000 applications per year.

You will also still have bonus access to our interactive client webinars until May 2017, when housing deposits are due.  

Trust us, LOTS of questions come up between November and May as admissions, scholarship and financial aid offers roll in!


"The Catch"

Perhaps this sounds too good to be true, and you're waiting for a catch. Here it is.

This is the second year we're doing a bootcamp for non-clients (we already held three private events this summer and, based on the glowing feedback, we know that one of the best features is the PERSONAL attention and accountability we instill  

Not to mention the value of plunking your kid down in a chair, without Snapchat or Instagram or other distractions, and forcing them to get their sh-t done!

So we've dialed things for this bootcamp in in the following ways:

  • Fractional cost.  First, we are charging a fraction of what it costs to retain us for private, one-on-one college coaching ($5,000-12,000), because this is a small group format and more efficient way to deliver the same information
  • Small group size. Second, we have space for only six (6) families, because we want to make sure that everyone gets personal attention. (We have no plans to open up a separate session.)
  • Slackers need not apply.  I won't lie, this will be an intense, work-filled day. It is not a "listen to a boring lecture and tune out" event.  We're planning on a 9:00 am start, one break before lunch, and wrapping by 2pm.  It's not a "play" day, but it will be a PRODUCTIVE day!  (And we'll serve snacks, Pearl is very talented in that area.)

Beat your deadlines, say "goodbye" to pressure

Our goal is to complete - yes, COMPLETE - the Common Application, the main essay and at least one supplemental essays!

Ambitious?  Yes.  But I figured I'd lay it all out so you know that this is a WORKING session.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, just let your overtaxed mind actually consider, for a moment, how great you'd feel to get this over with, FINALLY!

If you feel like The College Success For Less Bootcamp is a good fit for you - and your child - sign up today while we still have space.   I have no idea how many will take me up on this, but I sense that there are a LOT of kids who haven't finished their essays and apps yet.

Enroll now while we have room for you!

P.S. Wondering why you should attend The College Success For Less Bootcamp instead of relying on your guidance counselor?  Here are a few reasons why we're different:

  • We look at applying to college as a marketing exercise, leading to a business transaction.  Colleges are businesses, but YOU are in business for yourself  - that of PROMOTING YOURSELF -whether or not you realize it! (Most guidance counselors just don't get this.)
  • For us, college is about the "Next 40 - Not Four" years. We'll help you figure out how to pick a college that will help you succeed post-college!
  • We have no hidden agenda or pressure from an administration to suggest an artificially tiny universe of "the right" schools - we are 100% independent and are here solely to give you the best advice for you (i.e. we don't recommend the same 30 colleges to each kid)