How to "Hide" Your Money From The Financial Aid Office

Free Report Reveals Closely Guarded Financial Aid & Scholarship "Secrets" 

Discover how "Forgotten Middle Class" Families Can Slash College Costs Even If They Think Why bother, we can't possibly qualify for anything!

Dear Fellow Parent

Ever have the sneaking suspicion that the whole thing is rigged?

Maybe it's because you've seen or heard of other families - who own homes, drive nice cars, and take relaxing vacations...

Somehow also manage to send their kids to top colleges, seemingly without breaking a sweat or feeling any stress?

What do they know that YOU do not?

Here are some startling facts about how the financial aid and scholarship process works:

  • The average discount given by a college is 48.6% - AVERAGE!
  • Approximately 75% of families receive financial aid
  • Most aid goes to the highest earning families in the country, those in the top 25%

How can this be?

My answer:  who cares!  The better question is:

How can we get the grants and scholarships we deserve  - and need - to send our kids to their top choice colleges?

OK, I was a little flippant there. :)

If you really want to know why so much money goes to upper income families, I can tell you in one word.


As in, "colleges are in business."

The process of applying and going to college is a business transaction, whether or not you realize it.

in other words, 

You are in business for yourself.

My free report shows you how to maximize your eligibility for grants and scholarships, much like any business should optimize itself for profits.

Inside How to "Hide" Your Money From The Financial Aid Office you will discover:

  • Which types of savings accounts help your eligibility for financial aid (strange but true)
  • Which savings SABOTAGE your eligibility
  • Tricks and traps on the main financial aid forms
  • How to legally and ethically triple your eligibility for grants and scholarships at the 11th hour
  • More!

This report is brand new, and entirely free without obligation.

We're offering it as a public service, and, of course to help spread the word about our approach and our firm.

Download your complimentary copy today!

How to Hide Your Money From The Financial Aid Office

New FREE report reveals legal and ethical techniques to triple your eligibility for financial aid so you can comfortably and easily afford to send your deserving child to their "Dream Colleges" ...even if you think  "Why bother? Families like us can't qualify!"