The College Success For Less Report

New, politically incorrect, sarcastic newsletter gives "insider" college admissions, scholarship and financial aid tips that actually work, on Planet Earth

Closely-guarded strategies and blunt, frequently amusing advice you'll never hear from your guidance counselor, other parents, websites or know-it-all relative

Dear fellow parent:

Earlier this year, I heard the WORST advice given by a guidance counselor, ever.

But before I drop this bomb, let me tell you WHY I’m sharing it, besides pure shock value…

...and what it means for you.

We have four kids, including two in high school, so I know how overwhelming it is to be a parent. Our district is similar to yours, we’re bombarded with daily email blasts about:

* General info about EVERYTHING happening each day

* Athletic schedule updates

* Club meeting dates, times, locations

* Critical cafeteria-related information, such as new gluten-free menu items that my kids will ignore the same way they blow off 99% of the other choices

* Visits by reps from colleges we have no interest in

* Announcements about important policy changes such as locker cleanliness or “drop off” procedures

* Dates for the the next installment in a series of anti-bullying presentations

Not to mention all of the outside of school activities, travel teams, dance rehearsals and performances, plays...

I could go on, but you get the point...

It’s impossible for a regular parent who actually works for a living - or doesn’t have two full-time housekeepers - to stay on top of everything!!!

If you have a kid headed to college in the next year or so, here’s where it gets worse

Many high schools have their “college nights” weeks, or months, AFTER early admissions deadlines and priority financial aid forms filing deadlines for many colleges.

Somebody - anybody - please explain what good a financial aid meeting in January does if your deadline to file was the previous November? Much of the information presented is inapplicable to your kid, incomplete or, even worse, flat out wrong. (For Class of 2017 and beyond, the FAFSA becomes available in October of their Senior Year, by the way.)

Recently, a parent at one of my local workshops told me that the speaker at his high school, a representative from a local college, warned the crowd that her college financial aid office would “take” their 401K and other retirement accounts into consideration when evaluating how much aid to award.

The only problem with this statement is that the FAFSA (the financial aid form required by this and every college) tells you, clearly, NOT to include retirement account information!

So any parent taking this advice would needlessly disclose information that would DISQUALIFY themselves from receiving grants and other financial aid that they deserve - and need!

Finally, clarity and confidence that you’re not blowing deadlines, missing out on opportunities or sabotaging your chances of college success

After months (years, if I want to be really honest with myself), I decided to do something about this problem.

I’ve launched The College Success for Less Report, a monthly newsletter for overwhelmed parents of college-bound teens who don’t have - or don’t want - to spend hours, days and weeks out of their lives that they'll never get back - wading through the tsunami of emails and websites and college guidebooks...

...only to end up more frustrated and confused than before they started!

Each month, you will receive a short, easily digestible issue that reveals tested and proven strategies and tips on college admissions, scholarships and financial aid that actually work here on Planet Earth...

...NOT ill-founded, abstract theory, half-baked truths or urban legends that you may have picked up from websites, Facebook (where everyone gets admitted to their top choice college) or your know-it-all sister-in-law whose kid got in ED to Penn!


We're not into forcing our opinions and ideas down your or anyone's throat, so we're offering you a no-risk, 30 day "test drive" to make sure you find CS4L valuable.  

For 30 days after you receive our first issue, you are sole judge and jury about whether or not you wasted your 79 smackeroos.  If you decide that you want a "do-over," just tell us and we'll refund you immediately.  No questions asked, no begging you to stay (although I'll be hurting inside, just saying.)

Start your trial subscription today!

P.S.  Forgot to tell you the worst guidance counselor advice, "EVA."  

A client of mine, a high achieving, motivated kid, was told NOT to submit a resume. Why?

The guidance counselor thought it was too "braggy" and would possibly make an admissions officer with lesser credentials feel badly.

I can't make this stuff up! 


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