Financial Aid Forms Prep.

Financial Aid Warrior is the quick, easy and stress-free way to prepare and file your FAFSA and other financial aid forms so you can avoid DEADLY mistakes and afford to send your child to her "Dream College"

Smart parents use our financial aid forms prep service to:

  • Avoid costly mistakes that can SABOTAGE you from receiving tens of thousands of dollars you should have gotten

  • File the financial aid applications BEFORE your priority deadlines so you won't miss out a nickel of eligibility

  • Avoid confusion and hassle dealing with tax returns, brokerage statments, FSA ID's, PINS, passwords, etc. etc. etc. 

  • Save time, money and stress!

Here's how it works:

  1. After you sign up, you'll get whisked over to our new client welcome questionnaire, which will take you about three minutes to complete
  2. You'll send us a few pieces of info that we need to do your forms (i.e. tax returns)
  3. We will prepare your forms and send them to you to review and revise
  4. We will answer any and all questions on a phone call, email, text, OR multiple calls, emails and texts (there are no extra charges, you're never "on the clock")
  5. We file your financial aid applications to every college on your list before their priority deadlines
  6. We're here for you every step of the way!

Enroll today and sleep like a baby tonight because you're letting an expert handle this high stakes, unpleasant and stressful task!

Questions?  Call 516 882 5464!